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Par Grauw

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23-10-2021, 00:48

Pentarou wrote:

~12 Years ago, a batch of ICs used in Viletim's FM master system sound board was found to be not 100% compatible. Read the SMS power forum post post if interested
I doubt Yamaha would produce partially compatible ICs, so these were probably fake/clones.
I still have 2 of these chips, they aren't the usual repainted +tinned + laser etched, but look almost the same as an original, the datecode/batch is 0108 HABG.

I can probably clear up that mystery. In the recordings in that thread, it sounds like the OPLL’s electric guitar sound (instrument 15) is replaced by noise.

Checking Plogue’s ChipSynth PortaFM presets library, in the presets for the OPLL-P instrument 15 is listed as noise.

Quote Wikipedia: “Yamaha YMF281 (OPLLP) is a later YM2413 derivative, possibly intended for pachinko or pachislot machines. It has the same pinout and register set as the YM2413, but a different set of built in FM patches.”

So most likely Viletim had a batch of YMF281’s relabeled as YM2413 by Chinese sellers.

Par Pentarou

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23-10-2021, 15:44

Thanks for the explanation! Following the Wiki thread I found out that there are a bunch of those rebranded/partially compatible chips.

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