Best way to init SP (ROM)?

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Par gdx

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24-07-2020, 17:04

Forget what I just wrote, I wrong.

Par theNestruo

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24-07-2020, 17:08

I'm pretty sure OP's question was about ROMs using BIOS.

In this old thread about Zombie Incident, nenefranz states that ld sp,$F380 was causing issues with the Sony HB-F500, and ld sp,(HIMEM) fixed those issues.

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24-07-2020, 18:56

I remember that I had issues with ld sp,(HIMEM) too, so these days I use a fixed conservative ld sp,0xE000

If the stack can't be placed that low for whatever reason, it means that the system doesn't have enough free memory to run the software.

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24-07-2020, 19:06

Do you remember what kind of issues? Was it that HIMEM was lower than E000H?

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24-07-2020, 22:19

SjaaQ wrote:

I have a 256 byte table to deal with the databus problem (ok 256 bytes wasted). It contains something like #C1 for every byte so the pointer to the address will always be #C1C1.

but you need 257 byte. like for example from D800 to D900. because when the low byte is at D8FF, who knows, it does a 16bit increment to get the high byte, and then it reads D900.

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