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26-09-2020, 20:55


I have a question about the FM rythm mode. What do they mean about the fact that "percussion sounds are related" to other slots ?

I understand that percussion sounds are controlled by slots $16,$17 and $18. But then they list slots $13,$14 and $15 as "related" (in the Table III-9 below). What does it mean exactly ?

I'm asking the question because I have some distorsion in sound channels when I use percussions.

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Par Grauw

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26-09-2020, 22:14

You’re confusing register addresses 16H-18H (hexadecimal, 0-base) for channels 7-9 with slots 13-18 (decimal, 1-base) as they are explained earlier in the documentation. Because the OPLL is 2-op, each channel has two operator slots, and thus there are 9 channels and 18 slots.

In rhythm mode, the six slots corresponding to channels 7-9 are connected differently than their usual fm configuration (and a noise generator is involved as well), however they share their channel settings, notably the pitch.

The left table shows which slots are used for which rhythm sound. The right table recommends certain channel pitch register settings for rhythm mode. You can use different pitches, just be aware that in most cases it affects the pitch of another rhythm sound as well.

In addition to the elaborations in the official Yamaha application manual, you can also read the introduction section of this chapter in Wouter’s reverse engineering series.

Par Metalion

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26-09-2020, 23:08

OK, I got it.
Thanks Grauw.