Booting straight into Sofarun on MegaFlashRom SCC+SD (.dsk issue)

Par babich

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18-10-2020, 17:02

I've recently created a MSX VHD to use with MiSTer FPGA MSX core (basically a OCM implementation).
It boots straight into SofaRun 7.0 via autoexec.bat - after much trial and error I got the full Konami library .ROM & .DSK working flawlessly. All known versions, translations, enhancements etc. Neat. Dream came true. I'll place it on one of these days if it can be of any interest.

So, the next obvious step was to have it work on real hardware. With a friend we are trying to have it work on a Philips VG-8235 with a MegaFlashRom SCC+SD.

Checking some old posts here and there on, we understood that we had to erase the ROM Disk (F3 from recovery menu). This way we can have the SD card becoming A:

And indeed it works! Sofarun boots. Every Konami ROM boots using the very same settings we used for FPGA (which, in fact, reproduces a OCM with two MFRs).
DSKs don't work. SofaRunIt hangs before having the disk start. And even MultiMente's, after erasing ROM Disk, does not work anymore. They worked before, in the "out-of-the box" MFR SCC+SD configuration.
Multimente, when trying to load adsk says

Abort or retry? (A/R)

So the question would probably be: how to setup the SD card in order to boot SofaRun and have .dsks working after removing ROM Disk? Which files/configuration are mandatory?

I'm pretty sure that for you, gurus in the know, this is a trivial question (and yes, we did thing whithout knowing exactly what we were doing Crazy )

As I said it's a Philips VG-8235.
SofaRun says
TPA Memory 17600
segments 2

Thank you for your patience!


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Par ray2day

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18-10-2020, 18:18

My advice; don’t use MM!

Par babich

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18-10-2020, 22:29

ray2day wrote:

My advice; don’t use MM!

Indeed! The intention Is exactly to boot with SofaRun dodging MM.
I mentioned the error I got with MM to underline that the issue Is not strictly related to SofaRunIt but .DSK files in general.

Par meits

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18-10-2020, 23:27

Sofarunit is a superior update of runit. Runit does only support sector based diskimages. So no files. If there are files in the disk image, they will be ignored.
I have no idea what Louthrax added to runit, but the above is what we gave him.

Par Darumo

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19-10-2020, 01:57

Sofarun needs extra RAM to handle DSKs. (can't with 128kb of ram)

Without RAM you will have to use the method of loading the DSK by "emufile" of Nextor and that Nextor takes care of managing the DSK from the MSXDiskrom. It should be possible to edit the Sofarun sr.ini file and have the DSKs load by emufile and not by sofarun. (the DSK disk remains configured until you press 0 at startup and delete the "next_dsk.dat" file, you can put in the autoexec.bat to delete that file at startup)

You really didn't need to delete the "rom disk" in Megaflashrom SCC+ SD. If you create an empty file called Nextor.dat that drive will now be A: and it will boot from there.

Par sdsnatcher73

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19-10-2020, 06:01

Do you have the MFR with 512kB memory or without? If you have it without memory than indeed SofaRunIt may not work for your setup. Using emufile from Nextor may be an option, but it depends on the version of Nextor you have how to use it (and quite frankly it has become quite difficult to use since Nextor 2.1 imho).