Spectravideo SVI-738 X'Press and OSSC

Par Puni

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12-11-2020, 09:35

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to connect a SVI-738 X'Press to an OSSC? Do I need a special SCART-cable? Thanks in advance for your help. Smile

Normally I've connected it to a TV with an RF-cable that came with the computer (it is my first computer - got it when I was a child back in the 1980's Wink ). Would be great with better picture quality through the OSSC.

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Par Wild_Penguin

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12-11-2020, 18:16

Hi Puni,

Now let's look this up: the SVI-738 has RF and Composite connectors only for video (and mono sound from the RCA). The OSSC can only accept RGB and component signals. So you can not connect the SVI-738 to it, unless you first convert it to the RGB or component signal.

What are you trying to connect it to? Composite inputs are still very common in new equipment, but I've noticed they've been started to be dropped out. By converting the composite to some component (RGB or Ypbpr) to use the OSSC, you are only maybe getting a bit less processing lag compared to connecting it to a composite input of some cheaply made TV with a composite input (not all of them are complete garbage in input lag terms). But in case you have a display with HDMI/DP (or similar) only, then some kind of converter is needed indeed...

Par Grauw

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12-11-2020, 18:24

For composite video, consider the RetroTink.

Par Stt1

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25-02-2021, 10:06

If you're capable to do some electronics stuff (soldering work, creating small PCB and so), then it's pretty easy to build RGB output for SVI-738. Then you could use also OSSC.