Manual request - YRM 504

Par nrrrd

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16-12-2020, 13:20

Apologies for the cross post. It seems this forum is more active for Yamaha CX5M related posts.

I've been working on getting the Yamaha CX5IIM-128 and CX7M-128 music computers working with the openMSX emulator.
Firstly, I have to give a big thanks to the developers of openMSX and the users of this forum, which has provided a lot of information to help with what I'm trying to do.

I've made good progress, so far I have both CX5IIM-128 and CX7M-128 machine definitions which can:

1. Run both the SFG-05 ROM software (CALL MUSIC) and the YRM-502 FM Voicing Program (CALL FMV).
2. Use the Yamaha FD-051 disk drive to save and load voice data in YRM-502 and load it into SFG-05.
3. Load and run YRM-501 FM Music Composer II.
4. Use a USB-MIDI keyboard to play the Synth. It even responds to velocity information!
5. Load and run YRM-504 FM Music Macro II.

I have found PDF scans of all the manuals, except for the YRM-504. I have found the YRM-104, but that doesn't have disk support, so I was hoping to find the YRM-504 manual to learn the command syntax for using the disk.

Does anyone have a PDF of the YRM-504 manual, or can point me to where it is?
Many thanks!

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Par Mork

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21-06-2022, 09:54

Hi nrrd,
do you know, if the _phrase command of the YRM-504 Basic-Extension works together with user defined instruments?
Many regards,