Sprite Editor for Sprites Mode 2 (using OR color)

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Par geijoenr

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27-12-2020, 23:10

Indeed, that is what open source is about. I have seen many developers are already doing that,
you can always find my tools here:

they generate .h files only, but still may be useful for many people.

Par santiontanon

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27-12-2020, 23:38

I have been including all the Java scripts I used for all my games in GitHub together with the game source. For example, all the tools used for The Menace from Triton are in the "java" folder in GitHub: https://github.com/santiontanon/triton

Now "documentation" is another story, haha. I just upload all the code in case anyone finds it useful, but supporting/maintaining the code is a different level of commitment ;)

Also, the tool chain used for every game is a bit different (that's why I find "tools" and "editors" not very useful), since data is organized in one or another game-specific way. So, I don't know how much of the scripts used for one game can be reused for another game. I just have a large Java code base with all the scripts I have been making for previous games, and I just "hack them" to adapt them to the new game. So, it gets easier and easier, but the code-base is just growing and growing (probably with lots of redundant code haha).

Par thegeps

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28-12-2020, 02:22

I had to do a try and ask XD
Actually I'm able to code only in Z80asm, msx basic and my Amos has to be refreshed (but I remember I was able to do a lot of cool things in nineties with it)
I think I have to find some time to study python but all my spare time is splitted in actual msx projects... and Phaze101 team (of wich I am now part) is pushing me to do something Amiga related too... OMG, I need 48h days!

Par santiontanon

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28-12-2020, 03:38

Oh wow, Amos!! Good times with that on Amiga! Me and some high school friends coded several games using Amos back in the day, but of course, all lost. I wish I still had those disks... oh well Smile

Par Dolphin101546015

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28-12-2020, 04:44

My editor for PC. Shaders 4.0 needed:

Help under Lens window.

Par Metalion

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28-12-2020, 11:40

santiontanon wrote:

+1 for editing sprites on GIMP

I find GIMP very very complicated and not at all intuitive ...

I'm not new to graphic editors, but a few days ago I spent almost 1 hour trying to make sense of the menus and options because I wanted to make a 16x16 sprite on a 32x32 canvas using a 2x2 pencil. And it did not work. Very very very frustrating ...

It seems to me the learning curve to be able to use GIMP properly is waaaayyyy too steep.

Par santiontanon

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28-12-2020, 16:02

I hear lots of complaints about the UI of GIMP. Sure, it's not as good as that of Photoshop, but then again it's free and open source. If you have Photoshop or any of the other professional tools, that's even better. I have been using GIMP for many years and I'm happy with it, but sure, it took a little bit of time to get agile with it (my only previous experience was with "Deluxe Paint 2" haha, which was amazing btw)

Par Daemos

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28-12-2020, 20:17

there is also another tool paintshop pro 6?? norakomi uses it for sprites and I used it before discovering that gimp can do the same stuff and runs flawlessly in my linux machine. The color manipulation commands in paint shop pro 6 are absolutely amazing. As a bonus paint shop pro 6 runs on nearly any machine. Straight out of the box in windows and perfectly in wine.

Par geijoenr

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28-12-2020, 20:28

I wouldn't say GIMP is so complicated, it is just a "pro" tool with many options, and it takes a while to figure out which ones you actually need. Maybe a few hours of tinkering before you can get anything done, but totally worth it in my opinion.

Par ray2day

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28-12-2020, 21:17

I recently discovered GIMP. As professional graphic designer I think GIMP is one of best and easiest alternatives to Photoshop.

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