trying like hell to get a yrm-304 tx7 voicing program clone to run custom board / TI27c512 chip. what am I doing wrong?

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05-01-2021, 08:32

Been trying and failing for months now to get this to work. and failing miserably.

What I'm working with. a minipro tl866cs w/ v6.85 software, a rom file from here

originally I backwards engineered the board of my yrm-502 cart, which had a 128K chip before I knew that was bits not bytes, needless to say a 32KB program won't fit on a 16KB chip (thanks for that nugget guys lol) BUT, that has me scratching my head as to the start address of the program being at 4000h, as a 128 chip doesn't contain that address. so id say that site is wrong as my 502 cart works great.


when I program the rom image with the minipro starting at address 0000h it starts to boot, but then hangs directly after the first part of the program, when I have the image starting at 4000 it freezes right after the 1983 copyright screen, i have tried /ce to /cs1 /cs12 with the program at 4000 and 0000 for both attempts.

for the 4000 start I've just left the 0-3fff as FF, and what exactly does the rom address select signal mean? the whole file fitting in that range? I'm out of ideas, and motivation to make this work. any help or ideas would be super helpful :RNFF:

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05-01-2021, 12:57

Download this manual for repro factory's eeprom kit. it explains about burning a 32kb rom.

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06-01-2021, 00:08

st1mpy wrote:

Download this manual for repro factory's eeprom kit. it explains about burning a 32kb rom.

That's exactly it! weather the program does anything Iunno yet, but YES! swapped the first and 2nd blocks and wouldn't ya know, the Sucker BOOTS!

That being said, I don't know yet if it has full functionality yet, I'll get there and report. for now here's the summary for anyone trying the same thing so hopefully save some head to desk bashing and / or msx consoles being lit on fire.

first and most importantly, neither the RBSC SGC, nor Repo Factory's page swapper functioned on my windows 10 machine
the SGC program couldn't find the AB signature, and the repo factory's exe wouldn't open at all.

What did work was HxD - and manually swapping the blocks 4000-7fff and 8000-Bfff

The program indeed starts at 4000h

and finally the board is wired /ce (chip pin 20) to /cs12 (msx pin 3)

I'll be posting all of this to my GITHUB page for everyone who wants to build it once I get it all worked out. I'm also wondering if the manual swap and resave will get these programs to work on the sd512 from 8 bits forever as well.