Recommandations for a video-editing tool

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10-01-2021, 22:59

Hi all,

I'm preparing a YouTube video. I've already done several short YouTube videos in the past, but this one will be longer, and it appears to be a bit difficult to do in one shot.

I'm filming using my Android phone (which gives the best quality for shooting CRT screens), and I'd like to do some basic video editing (mainly, cutting parts where I make mistakes Smile) - nothing too fancy.

Do you guys have any recommandations for that purpose ? I was thinking about a tool like Audacity but for video (and that accepts the format used by Android phones), but maybe there are some tools directly on Android ? (must say I'd prefer something on Windows, even if I have to transfer the video).

Thanks in advance !

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Par Meits

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10-01-2021, 23:10

No matter how advanced Vegas is, it can be used for simple tasks as well, and eventually you might even start to like other parts of it as well. I got John Hassink to change from Windows Moviemaker to it. You might be next.

Oh, Wolf got me into Vegas, but that was only for the audio multitracking part of it Smile

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10-01-2021, 23:30

Although I do most of my video stuff in blender these days, I always recommend kdenlive to other people.
It's an open source editor so you can try and use it without any monetary cost ( no matter which program you will be using, it will always cost you some time to learn it ;-)

Par wolf_

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10-01-2021, 23:34

I recommend Vegas indeed. Regarding popularity, somehow it remains somewhat under the radar of things, but it's really competent and easy to use. Something like me olde Project Melancholia video was also done with Vegas:

Par Manuel

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11-01-2021, 00:43

For very basic things, you can use the YouTube online editor Smile

Par Grauw

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11-01-2021, 00:46

I haven’t used it myself, but I heard DaVinci Resolve is a popular free video editor, on the same level as commercial competitors like Premiere, used by many professionals.

Looking forward to the video!

Par ro

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11-01-2021, 08:15

I switched to last year. It's free, simple (alto it has a learning curve) and can do anything a novice editor wishes, atleast.

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11-01-2021, 12:55

I'm quite happy with Olive, and that will suit perfectly fine if you can live with a limited set of effects available (the basics are there of course).

I still use 0.1, 0.2 is a total rewrite, and very much alpha. 0.1 is more stable (but not bug-free either - just save often :)) 0.2. looks very promising though. (You could try 0.2 - YMMV, but changes are high it will crash / fail on you somewhere along the line.. (So just use 0.1 for now :))

Main advantage: it's slim, fast (to run/boot & seeking/scrubbing, previewing etc.) & works nicely on older hw.

I've also worked with Kdenlive (17.x) in the past, also buggy :) (on Windows at least) Advantage: more effects than in Olive, disadvantage: slow (but can be somewhat mitigated by pre-rendering/caching key parts (heavy on effects) of the video. There's also the proxy feature, which didn't work for me back then). Oh, and it did have this weird 'multiple of 8px' resolution restriction.. (that effectively prevented from rendering to e.g. 854x480)

I've no idea how the current version performs, might be good :)

Kdenlive & Shotcut are related since they both use the MLT framework. I've tried the latter as well in the past, Kdenlive seemed to offer more (back then at least).

I've heard positive things on DaVinci Resolve as well.

As a final step (if it's a music video) I mux video & lossless audio track with FFmpeg (so I don't use the audio render from the video editor). (Although not officially documented, YouTube takes kinda everything nowadays, including .mkv) Though Olive can render to mkv with lossless audio as well.

This tutorial series is pretty nice: Olive Video Editor Tutorials (TJ FREE) (otherwise e.g. this 18m video demonstrating all basic stuff).

(@ the Vegas folks: I bet you all got your licenses in order? :murdock: Although Vegas Movie Studio is affordable for the home user...)

Par ray2day

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11-01-2021, 10:52

Because I am a Apple user (iPhone and iMac) I use iMovie and that works great for me for editing video's.

I do not have experience with Android, but aren't there any simple (cut and paste) movie editing apps for Android so you can edit them on your mobile phone and upload them directly to YouTube?

Or use the YouTube online editor like Manuel says.

Par ren

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11-01-2021, 16:53

Btw, Olive tip: instead of x-fading 2 clips, which can be quirky, you can also simply put the clips on separate tracks, applying cross dissolve on both & aligning the fade-out & in (and delete the 2 other, undesired in & out).

Par Louthrax

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15-01-2021, 20:37

Thanks to all for the suggestions here, that will give me the good entry points Smile

I was aware of the YouTube online editing, but I must say I prefer to edit things cleanly on my PC before uploading, I'll give the different tools a try.