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Par wyrdwad

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15-03-2021, 18:10

Grauw wrote:

You can vote for PA3, I’ll change my vote to Akin then Smile.

Heheh. Well, I can always change my vote, too, if you'd prefer. As mentioned, when trying to decide on a top 20 homebrew list, there was basically a 6-way tie for #1. The other games in the running are Kyokugen, Singular Stone, The Sword of IANNA, Ghost, and Children of the Night.

If I could take those SIX games with me onto a desert island, I'd be happy forever. All of them are masterpieces in their own right -- and three of them are MSX-exclusive, baby! Woooo! Wink


Par hamlet

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15-03-2021, 18:15

Los amores de Brunilda

Par valkyre

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15-03-2021, 20:00


Par ren

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15-03-2021, 21:01

Fin Lander

Par erpirao

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15-03-2021, 21:09


Par AnsiStar

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18-03-2021, 12:26

Thank you! Wink

Par uberjack

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18-03-2021, 16:59

I like Relevo's Snowboarding, because it looks like a lost Konami prototype - from graphics to packaging.

Par Randam

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18-03-2021, 17:38

If playing with multiple players: The Witch Revenge (I sooo wished that editing those levels would be possible)

But I have a couple of favorites in different genres: Bladelords (especially with 2 players), Pleasure Hearts, Moonlight Saga, Core Dump was looking promising, Shouganai, Pumpkin Adventure 3, Shrines of Enigma, Deva, Caos begins, Sword of Ianna, Children of the Night, the follow up to Maze of Galious (already a contender and I have not even seen or played it Smile ). I could go on and on.

Par Grauw

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18-03-2021, 20:22

You must choose one, Randam Smile.

Par Randam

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18-03-2021, 20:29

Ok Witch Revenge then... I would really love to play that with 4 players again, like in old times... Maybe through Webmsx it is doable...

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