Requirements to use CP/M ?

Par BananaPie

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09-04-2021, 16:36

What is required to use CP/M? If I'm not mistaken, CP/M needs a disk drive.

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Par Jipe

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09-04-2021, 17:13

a disk drive and a MSX2

Par BananaPie

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09-04-2021, 17:27

oh, doesn't work on MSX 1? Is a disk drive necessary or can an SD card solution be used?

Par Grauw

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09-04-2021, 17:33

MSX-DOS is CP/M compatible and needs an MSX1 with disk drive and 64K RAM.

Par msxtrd

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09-04-2021, 17:35

Spectravideo SVI-738 was sold with a CP/M 2.2 floppy disk. I think it did boot to 80 column mode. That is an MSX1 machine with MSX2 VDP. But why do you need CP/M?

Par BananaPie

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09-04-2021, 17:40

I don't need CP/M, I just want to try out some software to relive my 80's days. I had a friend who used CP/M and I use to watch him, just want to test it out.

Par msxholder

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09-04-2021, 21:34

SVI 728 and svi 707 is CP\M compliant.(msx1 + drive 5.25)
This is in 40 column mode adding the SVI 727 make it 80 column.

Par the Allemagne

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13-10-2021, 17:55

hi BananaPie,
i works with CP/M
i works with the SVI-738 and the second drive SVI-787 with CP/M 2.2
original from SVI, in the 80 column modus, software Wordstar, Calcstar all original SVI
i can transfer files between MSX DOS and CP/M, i have the utilities from SVI
than i work with the Sony 700D with CP/M 3.0 original for MSX, software Multiplan original MSX
an i have also a SVI-728 with a SVI-707 and the 80 column card SVI-727
but for this sytem i have not the system disks MSX DOS and CP/M, but i‘m works, that i can
connected the SVI-707 on the SVI-738 and than i can perhaps the system disk to be make
in the last time i have buy a RS232 SVI-757 for the MSX computers, i will testet the file transfer
between my computers, the SVI-738 has a build in RS232
i have a original transfer program for the MSX computers

Par MsxKun

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13-10-2021, 18:32

Then you only need MSX-DOS. That's MSX1 with 64kb of RAM. And.. 80 columns. so MSX2 VDP. But it will work on 40 columns i think.
But, MSX-DOS is only compatible with CP/M until certain version. I think it wasn't 100% compatible with CP/M version 3 (but my memory could adress the wrong number).
For example, Zork for CP/M works on MSX. HHGTTG for CP/M works on MSX, but has some issue cause it uses CP/M 3 I think (the version I found) so I had to make a fix. Still it seems there was native HHGTTG for MSX-DOS anyway, or one CP/M that user lower version, so no patch needed there.