LS-120 Super drive usb + Rookie Drive (or IDE drive + IDE cart)

Par st1mpy

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20-08-2021, 23:05

Anyone have a USB based LS-120 Super drive and tried it with a Rookie Drive NX? Can that setup run normal floppy disk games, as well as work as 120mb mass storage when used with 120mb disks?

I think I tried something similar years ago with IDE version of LS-120 drive , with an IDE cartridge, but can't remember the outcome.

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Par Robosoft

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21-08-2021, 08:34

I had a setup with a Sunrise IDE HDD and an IDE LS-120 and that worked fine.
Used it to transfer large files from PC to my HDD, and as replacement of my defective Turbo-r disk drive to read normal floppy’s.

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05-10-2021, 09:27

i did the same with mine and an ls-120 ide

Par ducasp

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05-10-2021, 17:18

I think that as long as the LS-120 USB is seem by the host PC as an USB Mass Storage device and you can format it on a file system that Rookie Drive understands, you are fine