Total Commander plugin for MSX DSK files - does it exist?

Par joy_33

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08-11-2021, 21:46

On my PC I use the program Total Commander ( which can open a lot of different files for different computers.
Therefore, I wonder if there is a plugin for this manager that could work directly from DSK files in MSX format?
I've found a lot of different plugins, but support for MSX DSK isn't there.
I only found a support for MSX TAP files.
casMSXwcx 1.3:
You can search for other plugins here:
or on the official website:

In the end I found something that could be used, it's not directly in Total Commander but for the command line in WIN and Linux

dsktool -

WIN and LINUX compiled version for command line

If anyone knows about the plugin for Total Commander let me know.
Thank you

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Par mars2000you

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08-11-2021, 22:06

You can maybe try Disk Manager:

Par joy_33

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09-11-2021, 21:40


Yes this program can also be used to open the DSK.
Thank you.

Par Grauw

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09-11-2021, 23:01

I’m not familiar with Total Commander, but I see on the site that there are two plugins for IMG disk image files. Chances are that if you associate these plugins with the DSK extension (or rename the file to .img) that they will work…

Par joy_33

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10-11-2021, 10:38

Thanks. I'll take a look at it.

Par OeiOeiVogeltje

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10-11-2021, 11:51

Try "M" from sharksym

Par TheKid

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10-11-2021, 14:47

Total commander is the best tool ever. I use it since it was called norton commander and later windows commander (but a certain software giant didn't like that name Smile ) Would be awesome to open dsk files with it. Unfortunately the 2 IMG plugins are 32 bits only.

Par joy_33

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10-11-2021, 22:13

Finally, I used the dsktool utility (
My friend created a script that will extract all the DSK files he finds in the same directory as the script and the dsktool.exe file.

First you create a run.cmd file
the contents of the run.cmd file

@echo off
for %% m in (* .dsk) to call: process ".. \ %% m" "%% ~ nm"
exit / b

: process
echo Processing file% 1
mkdir% 2
cd% 2
.. \ dsktool.exe E% 1
cd ..
exit / b

So just create a directory, for example "working", copy the files run.cmd and dsktool.exe and DSK files (all in the attachment), then just run the file run.cmd, the script will create a directory according to the name of the DSK file, then using the program dsktool .exe will extract and save the files to a directory with the same name as the input DSK file.

It works perfectly, tested under WIN10, the only problem is that the DSK file name must not contain the % character, in which case the files will not be extracted.

You may need to unpack several DSKs at once.
Unpacking works for disks that are not protected by some protection, for example some games failed to unpack.