AX - 500 SAKHR MSX BOX Finally found

Par shwaikh

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22-01-2022, 16:55


Maybe a lot of collectors are familiar with the sakhr AX-500 Yamaha machine , but its very rare to find the box of that edition . actually no one have a picture of it till last week Smile

the famous (Sakhr al Arab) collector find one unused new AX500 Boxed and sealed in some Saudi family house

also you can see the amazing collection of the collector including the AX-500 in this video

Sakhr al Arab Collection on instagram

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Par mars2000you

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23-01-2022, 02:40

Nice finding Smile

Par MajorTOM

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23-01-2022, 13:48

Nice collection!!
By the way, I have a trip to KSA on February , do you know Any store where I could buy MSX games in JEDDAH ??

Thank you very much!!