Registration opened for MSX Fair Nijmegen 2022

Registration opened for MSX Fair Nijmegen 2022

par Manuel on 29-01-2022, 00:40
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The annual MSX fair in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, is being held on March the 26th. Registration for this fair has now been opened.

Although there will probably be some Covid measures in place (like wearing face masks, or showing a QR code), we do hope that the situation is such that the fair can take place with the usual fun. We'll have to see and any announcements will be published on the website. So please keep an eye on it!

Participants list

  • openMSX Team
    Demonstration of the current development version of openMSX and the debugger GUI. Of course questions will be answered and comments and suggestions are most welcome.
  • hamlet's game table
    Cross-system game fun.
  • Bitwise
    Last chance for a limited selection of games published by Matra!
  • lintweaker
    DIY MSX compatible computer and DIY MSX hard- and software
  • NOP
    Presenting: Sales Discontinued. A new point & click adventure for MSX2/TR with 512kB RAM, OPL4 with 512kB and DOS2.xx with a mass storage device.
    Additional activitities include, but are not limited to other development projects and hardware.
  • Richard & Raymond
    New and 2nd hand MSX hardware and software.
  • SymbiosiS
    General place for support and chat about the latest release of SymbOS 3.1 operating system. Next to that, we will show the latest SymbOS 4.0 beta, SymbOS applications/games and Quigs IDE.
  • FutureDisk
    Presentation of FutureDisk 46.
  • Bas & Ditta / Repair-Bas
    Buy and sale of MSX software and hardware, repairs, expansions, cables.
  • / Live Stream
    Live stream of MSX Fair Nijmegen on Twitch.
  • FONY
    Promotion of FONY.
  • SuperSoniqs
    Demonstration and sale of MSX hardware.
  • Jaco
    Use of the MSX computer and some things for sale.
  • Totally Chaos Team
    Promotion of, msxveiling, and Sale of MSX-Info Blad issues. Demonstration of keyboard adapters for Philips NMS 8250/55/80 and Sony HB-F500/F700/G900.
  • Space Manbros
    Playing games, playing (game) music and sale of several items.
  • MSX Club West-Friesland
    Promotion of MSX by buying and selling books, magazines, software and hardware.
  • Delta Soft
    Sale of MSX software.
  • MSX Connection
    Sale of Spanish MSX software.
    Interviews of MSX users for the MSX Connection podcast.
    Fundas del pasado: "Cases of the past"
  • David F. Gisbert "Tromax", from Barcelona, will be selling different 3D figures and their famous protective covers for our beloved MSX.
  • Marcel Schipper
    Demonstration of the MSXVR.
    Sale of 2nd hand MSX hardware.
  • Raymond
    Demo of the Flashjacks 2.0 firmware.
  • TriloTracker
    Demonstration of Trilotracker and new game "Pampas & Selene in the maze of demons".
  • HomeComputerMuseum
    Demonstration of rare MSX- and MSX-like computers.
  • MSX Translations
    La Valeur translation, update on Ultimate Eggerland, update on MSX Level and Editor contest, old projects and selling of some software.

This list will be updated as more participants register.

Relevant link:
Register your booths on the fair's dedicated website.

Commentaires (14)

Par lintweaker

Champion (450)

Portrait de lintweaker

30-01-2022, 10:31

Registered! Looking forward to it.

Par raymond

Hero (619)

Portrait de raymond

31-01-2022, 09:59

Registered! Also looking forward to it.

Par Wlcracks

Champion (492)

Portrait de Wlcracks

01-02-2022, 09:29


Par edoz

Prophet (2458)

Portrait de edoz

01-02-2022, 11:40

Looking forward to the fair! It is always nice to meet MSX people!

Par LaDolceDols

Resident (63)

Portrait de LaDolceDols

03-02-2022, 13:53

Registered! :-)

Par Prodatron

Paragon (1827)

Portrait de Prodatron

04-02-2022, 00:36

Can't wait for it! It's always nice to meet Z80 freaks Tongue

Par Manuel

Ascended (19214)

Portrait de Manuel

27-02-2022, 17:12

WARNING: MSX fair coming up in less than 4 weeks, don't forget to register your table, or mail for your dinner reservation!
So far, it looks like no special measures will be in effect for Covid19, for our event.

Par Ramon Ribas Casasayas

Rookie (28)

Portrait de Ramon Ribas Casasayas

12-03-2022, 19:21

I will try to bring a bunch of Made in Spain software, but the lack of boards and parts are hampering this effort, to say it diplomatically.
I will post soon a message on what will be available, but totally forget to have available for sale Megaflashrom, Carnivore 2 or even Rookie Drive.

See you there
(PS: Manuel, update this list!)

Par Manuel

Ascended (19214)

Portrait de Manuel

12-03-2022, 20:19

The list is updated on the website Smile

Par hamlet

Scribe (4105)

Portrait de hamlet

22-03-2022, 06:32

24 registered tables until. That's certainly worth a visit.

Par valkyre

Hero (631)

Portrait de valkyre

22-03-2022, 07:36

Looks like the makings of a busy fair. Hope to catch some of the live stream.

Par mohai

Paladin (991)

Portrait de mohai

18-09-2022, 23:45

Sales Discontinued to be released tomorrow.
Can't wait to test !!!! Smile

Par Latok

msx guru (3908)

Portrait de Latok

21-09-2022, 11:03

I have testplayed Sales Discontinued and I can say it's an experience you never had before on MSX Smile
During gameplay I sometimes forgot it's an MSX game, I thought I was playing on PC ^__^

Par tfh

Prophet (3277)

Portrait de tfh

21-09-2022, 13:04

Latok wrote:

I have testplayed Sales Discontinued and I can say it's an experience you never had before on MSX Smile
During gameplay I sometimes forgot it's an MSX game, I thought I was playing on PC ^__^

Indeed. It's quite impressive!