SymAmp 4.1 for SymbOS with OPL2/3/4 released

Par Prodatron

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17-02-2022, 00:05

SymAmp 4.1 for SymbOS has been released:

It now supports SA2 modules (Surprise! Adlib Tracker 2) for playing these on any OPL3/MoonSound/OPL4 compatible sound devices like the MonsterSound, OPL4 Shockwave etc. (for MSX, CPC, EP).

The player has been originally ported from 8086 by @madram for the CPC-ISA project and rewritten, debuged and extended (adding most effect command) during the last days by myself.

I really wonder, if there was a SA2 player for the MSX before? IMHO the "Adlib" sounds very cool with this tracker modules.

If you have a Moonsound compatible device you can try all these sounds now:

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Par Parn

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17-02-2022, 00:34

Very cool!

Par Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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17-02-2022, 01:02

A real good application for SymbOS!
Well done!