Alien Escape for the Japanese market

Alien Escape for the Japanese market

par ro on 12-05-2022, 20:56
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Spanish software studio Physical Dreams is ready to ship the latest incarnation of their Alien saga. Targeted at the Japanese market, the studio has Alien Escape to offer in full Japanese texts. No worries, the game is also available in both English and Spanish.

Regulars of MRC are no stranger to Physical Dreams as we've reported quit a few games from the studio already. Their portfolio is expanding rapidly with quality MSX1 ROM games like Venganza, Gelatino and the Paco series that have been released in the recent years. Their earlier game Alien Confination gets a follow up version called Alien Escape. Although originally transformed to serve the Japanese speaking MSX users, Physical Dreams have updated the game while they were at it.

The game Alien Escape is all about cats, space and creepy baddies. The outline is simple, your cat is missing. Find him. The furry creature is hidden on a star ship where you also have to collect the parts of the escape pod to flee as soon as possible. Oh, and the ship has been invaded by Xenomorphs. Yup, deep-space alien crawlers. All this with colorful graphics, amazing PSG tunes and an overall fantastic presentation.

The Japanese folks are getting spoiled, no doubt. Luckily the rest of the world can join in as the game is multi lingual. With 25 fast-paced levels full of ingenuity and nerve-wrecking gameplay, you can't go wrong. The ROM package includes a manga styled comic manual.

The game comes as a physical game cartridge with bells and whistles. The price for this item is €30 ex shipping. Shipping fees for Spain are €6.50, Europe €14,-, and for the rest of the world- €15,-. Cat food not included. Get yours by addressing or check out their Facebook page.

relevant link: Alien Escape promotional video

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Par M-A-D-M-A-X

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21-05-2022, 18:48

Nice Smile

Par Metalion

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23-05-2022, 17:00

Nice game, but I would not dare to sell a game that is so blatantly linked to a movie and game franchise ...
Unless Physical Dreams have a commercial agreement, of course.