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24-02-2023, 15:51


I'm trying to buy an MSX computer and everything I found in eBay (like the Toshiba HX-10 and similar) is for Asia or EU requiring 240V 50Hz; and here in USA we use 120V 60Hz which seems to be not compatible. I'm looking for a device that works in USA electrical network, any recommendation? Where can I buy it?

Thank you...

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Par aoineko

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24-02-2023, 16:31

Japanese MSX are 60 Hz / 110 V so they should match your needs.

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24-02-2023, 17:00

Thank you but all I can find in eBay said: 240V 50Hz even the Japanese machines! Also Japan use NTSC-J while USA use NTSC-U. If you can guide me to a particular brand/model that works in USA electrical network would be good. Thank you...

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24-02-2023, 18:21

On NTSC-J: that's definitely not worth worrying about. It means that the blacks will be even blacker than a regular NTSC set would expect, but it'll cope, and other colours might be marginally darker too but you probably won't notice. It also marginally affects the frequency range used for RF encoding, but you'll likely be connecting by composite or S-Video anyway?

I don't know why a Japanese machine would be 240V so can't offer any commentary on that.

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24-02-2023, 19:09

Japan use 110V. If you found a 220V japanese MSX machine it has probably been DIY modified to work in Europe.
Japanese online market place are often closed to foreigners (like YahooAuction or Rakuten) but you can find on Internet, some sites that allow to buy goods from Japan.

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24-02-2023, 19:38

aoineko wrote:

Japan use 110V.

Close enough... It's 100V

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24-02-2023, 20:13

Most japanese models will work with US power outlets but if you want to play it safe, you can invest in something like this:

PowerBright Japanese Voltage Transformer, 100 Watts Max Output Step Up Step Down Japan Converter for 120 Volt and 100V Countries, Convert from 120V to 100V and 100V to 120V, Universal Outlet Socket

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24-02-2023, 21:55

I live in the US and have a MSX2 Panasonic FS-A1MK2. I can confirm it works firm it works fine with US outlets.

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24-02-2023, 23:10

If your mains is 127V instead of 110V it may be too high for safe continuous usage of Japanese computers. Best measure first, just in case. And if you want to be really safe, use a transformer as reccomended by @Maggoo. Just be careful not to invert the outlets or you'll fry the computer's power supply, or worse, the computer itself. Always measure first.

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25-02-2023, 01:29

Use a transformer like the one Maggo's showing should do the trick to use any Japanese MSX peacefully. They're operating at 100V, not 110V.
110V is the maximum limit that should not be exceeded.