MSX in Cuba?

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09-11-2008, 23:27

We can add Cuba to the list of countries where the MSX was present. Today, some documents have been found about a curious project for analyzing the spectrum of gamma radiation using a simple MSX-BASIC program. You can find the links in the next thread:

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07-11-2015, 13:39

Sorry for the resuming, but is this an evidence of MSX in Cuba?

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07-11-2015, 14:16

I've read recently in several places of Internet that indeed Russia provided MSX to Cuban technological institutes.

Just I've found this book, talking about Cuban MSX games development, but only the contents table relates, the remaining should be download by paying.

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07-11-2015, 14:47

Take a look at here :

Unfortunaly, the pdf files are not archived.

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07-11-2015, 14:51

From Wikipedia :


As the Cuban government made a move to modernize their studies of computer systems, in 1985, Higher Pedagogical Institutes and some schools of Pre-University Education were supplied with Toshiba and Panasonic MSX systems with resident MSX Basic language, popularly known as "Intelligent keyboards". Once they proved useful, the Minister of Education continued the process installing similar systems throughout all Secondary (Junior High) centers and finalized it in Elementary schools, adult education institutions and newly nationwide formed “Computer and Electronic Youth Clubs” in 1987.[17] Forming the Computer Clubs allowed the Cuban government to interest and educate the common citizen in computer subjects, since selling these systems, or any other personal private computer, to public was banned. (see: Censorship in Cuba ) [18]

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07-11-2015, 15:16

Here's a professional freelance software developer in Cuba, he's started with MSX-BASIC :

Three other coders who started their career in Cuba with MSX :

Here''s an interesting interview of another Cuban developer (also started on MSX !) :

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07-11-2015, 15:26

Here the strategy of Fidel Castro with MSX computers is explained :


Google translation of the more interesting part :

Stage I 1986-1996. (Experimentation)

In the Central of the Third Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, held in February 1986, comrade referred to the need to adapt the scientific and technical needs of the development , the promotion of nuclear technologies and peaceful use, the , the and the computer, as well as other advanced science that will be the foundation for future progress of the country. In the report itself, the extent of the teaching of computing that had already been introduced in the raised , centers educa? tion average in the period 1986-1990.

As a result of this indication is one approved for the introduction of computer education in all secondary education centers superior to Cuba, constituting one of the most important aspects of that program related to the preparation of teachers to develop with this task.

In the school year 1986-1987 the Government Program of Educational Informatics introduction began with a massive character in the national education system and one of the priority to education over the years.

The introduction of computers in high school, began teaching through different circles , often optional and two hours weekly in the ninth grade, after the introduction into the country of electronic boards Thoshiba and Panasonic, which brought so resident MSX-BASIC, which allowed to begin teaching this as a case study.

As for the educational software, its development in the MOE, dating from the 90s to the formation of specialists in various educational institutions, mainly in the Higher Pedagogical Institutes, with the goal of designing, developing and producing computer education .

The regularities that the author considers important to note at this stage are:

1. The secondary computing is only seen as an optional field.

2. As used smart boards .

3. The MSX-BASIC language is used as .

4. At this stage the educational software is only implemented for specialist Higher Pedagogical Institutes.

5. Only two hours are allocated in ninth grade. For program brochure MSX programmer is used.

Stage II 1996-2001 (transitional stage).

Is from the year 1996 was developed and began implementing a known as "Strategic Guidelines for the computerization of Cuban society." [5]

Among the strategic objectives of the country with the introduction of it is, among others:

Generate new to by and on to from the computer and especially by increasing the Software.

Introduction of Computing in Education.

Provide the world by and other means, reliable information on the Cuban revolutionary process, its reality , social and economic, scientific and cultural development, economic possibilities, and tourism benefits.

Provide professionals, researchers, educators, students and staff of the updated existing entities in the world available to Internet and other means of exchanging information in an organized and controlled commercial scientific-technical, technological and information.

This stage is given by the then rector of computerization program designed since 1997 and begin the first steps to strengthen the Cuban software industry.

The junior high guidance of the previous stage remain to work in this specialty, using the same technology and software, the language in MSX-BASIC.

From the emergence of and into the country of a large number of Personal (PC), the teaching of this operating system became popular and available in the of .

In 2000 the MOE directs the consolidation of development groups in all institutes of higher education, particularly where none existed in the development of the Cuban educational software.

Regularities of this stage.

1. The computer course work in the form of interest circle continues.

2. Maintain the same technology.

3. As the MSX-BASIC software is used.

4. strengthening the Cuban software industry begins.

5. Only taught in ninth grade and the program is used as the controller.

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07-11-2015, 16:20


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07-11-2015, 17:44

enribar wrote:

Sorry for the resuming, but is this an evidence of MSX in Cuba?

It's a Panasonic CF-2700, probably with Spanish keyboard, but the picture is too small to see that clearly.