Software for 256 KB sample expansion for MSX-AUDIO

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Par ro

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21-07-2003, 15:24

again, yup! (max. 32 channels) But not OPL4 register support. It just uses opl2, but you can use more than standard 9 channels.
(You could use 3 psg channels, 9 msx-music and 9 msx-audio and 1 msx-audio-sample which has a grant total of ALOT channels) all this will work perfect (well on turo-R it does Wink )

(the manual doesn't say anything about sample ram indeed, I have never tested it though...)

Par Retrofan

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25-10-2009, 20:01

Ro, does Oracle support 2 Music Modules at the same time? One mus.mod is modded for another address. And about FST import in oracle: often FST files sounds as garbage Question Maybe the file are corrupted or a little bug in Oracle?

Par Retrofan

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02-01-2014, 09:02

Too bad this memory expansion is somewhat useless as most software doesn't support it... It's just a wanna have, nothing more. Samples were mostly used for drums on Music Module. Ofcourse you always could take use of MemMan which can store all the samples for the Music Module in main memory like Super Music Editor does and XelaSoft's Amiga MOD player/editor. Then you can hold even more than 256kB or 512kB! Then the 32kB is just a playbuffer Wink But ofcourse this is only mono, so if you want stereo, you have to use OPL4 Wink

Par syn

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02-01-2014, 11:41

Still hoping some tracker will support it sometimes Wink (one with replayer to use in games etc that is)

Par meits

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02-01-2014, 12:12

The sources of Moonblaster are available... Someone could give it a go :)

Par Retrofan

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02-01-2014, 12:38

@Meits: yes, that would be great if someone could do this. The ultimate is that both MemMan (external memory) and internal memory expansion of NMS-1205 could be used so all people with Music Module could use it if they have enough memory available Smile Otherwise we are in a vicious circle again...

Par Manuel

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02-01-2014, 16:39

Sample memory is not the same as normal RAM. I think you can use the sample memory directly by the MSX-AUDIO and let it play stuff from it without CPU intervention. But others may fill me in on that.

Par Hydragon

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23-11-2022, 13:24

My Music Module arrived yesterday back home, with it's guts upgraded with 256kB sampleram, I know of Unknown Reality that uses this (first thing I did was run it entirely on stream and it was a blast !), is there any other demo, game tool that supports this?

Maybe a list or page with supported software for this would be nice. Couldn't seem to find any.

Par SjaaQ

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23-11-2022, 16:48

We made some software back then which supported it:

I've got several other small demos that I made, but these are not online (yet). Never mind, these play from normal RAM.

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