MSX in the media !

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Par Wlcracks

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06-03-2020, 15:37

monochrome monitor and the joystick in the wrong socket!

Par Pac

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19-08-2020, 23:55

Netflix documentary series High Score episode 2 about video games history. At 32:27 minute it is displayed a Japanese game shop with a big Mario on the left. On the right there is a cabinet containing some MSX games such as Space Manbow, Valis, Scramble Formation, YS (I think) and a couple of more games but I'm unable to recognize them.

Par Manuel

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24-10-2020, 10:50 more attention for our beloved system.

Par Moniz

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26-10-2020, 15:45


more attention for our beloved system

Nice video!
BG Ollie made a funny "remix" of that video Big smile


Par ray2day

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26-10-2020, 19:14

Cool LOL!

Par Uninteresting

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28-03-2022, 18:38

This is, at best, a near-miss, but the code snippet passing by at looks like it could be MSX BASIC or SVI BASIC code, given "line", "putsprite" and "strig" commands: at 2:14 if I failed to include the timestamp in the URL. (Not that the starting song isn't worth listening to, YMMV with the video itself).

Par Manuel

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28-03-2022, 19:44

Yes, it certainly looks MSX to me. Also the font.

Par Briqunullus

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29-03-2022, 09:53

This one is not in the media - yet. But it is out in public. From today until Thursday, there's a large fair on infrastructure in the Netherlands. For one of the exhibitors we have created a large Lego display. And I couldn't help myself to hide a bit of MSX. Of course all of you will spot it immediately, I wonder if anyone at the fair notices.

Par Gakubuchi

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30-03-2022, 11:23

Antarctic adventure! Tongue
I can't identify the other one...

Par Briqunullus

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30-03-2022, 18:34

Haha, nailed it! The first picture is just an overview of the whole build.

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