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Par SKiLLa

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26-06-2005, 01:04

The guy in the red shirt in the back, that's me; they also took a picture from the front, when I had the headphone on
and put in on the front of a Spanish MSX-Magazine. You can imagine me being quite surprised when I found out several
weeks later ;-) ... the made a whole article with quotes from me, without ever interviewing me; I guess they mixed me up
with someone else !

Par Sama

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22-04-2013, 01:03

Mmmmz, and since this is the Sargon stand and I had started to grow my hair around 1995, I guess the somewhat girlish looking person behind the stand would be me... Not entirely sure though!

Par FiXato

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22-04-2013, 05:35

Was the diskette tasty?