Treasures of yesteryear

By hamlet

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04-04-2020, 10:55

Do you ever feel that way?
You discover a new game that actually exists for a long time, you just missed it.
Here I want to give room for such discoveries and start with Jailbreak from Infinite from 2010. I was especially impressed by Wolf's title song.

What have you discovered for yourself in the last few days?


By tfh

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04-04-2020, 11:59

Nice initiative Smile A good way to learn new games. I will go an have a look at Jail Break myself, as I don't know it either. It's not even on Generation-MSX. Only the never released Konami game with the same name can be found there.
I've added it to my homebrew section for the people who want to give it a go as well: Jail Break Online.

Although not very recent, two of my discoveries I made years and years after they were released:

Pengo - I loved playing this in the arcade.
Bubble Rain - Loved a similar game on the Wii.

By wolf_

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04-04-2020, 12:11

I wonder how many people ever noticed that sprite cars pass behind objects like street lights... Wink

By Pac

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04-04-2020, 13:31

Yes, it's a great feature. I vaguely remember this game, good idea hamlet... a well designed and polished game!

By wimpie3

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04-04-2020, 16:10

Pengo is an almost 100 percent port of the arcade game. Bubble Rain comes close as well. Nice to see these pearls!

By hamlet

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04-04-2020, 22:19

And Darkstones Pixiedust in co-operation with Infinite, a msxdev entrie from 2012 with excellent music.

Darkstone even started to develop Pixiedust II, wonder if there are any news, Mr. Zett?