HB-F1XDJ 修理日記! MSX2+ Repair info!

By keith56

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09-05-2017, 11:53

私は最近「HB-F1XDJ MSX2+」を手に入れたが残念がちょっと壊れた!でもやっと修理できた!

問題1: キーボード「1ー6」は使えないーなかめのキーシートのプラスチックに皹がありませんが回路の金属に皹がありました。。。このペンキで修理できた 「導電インクペン 10ml 」



I've recently bought and repaired an HB-F1XDJ MSX2+ I thought I would log the items I used to fix it, so it may help others with similar needs.

The computer had two problems:

1. keys 1-6 on the keyboard were broken - the membrane was not cracked, but some of the metal had come off - I used "Bare Conductive Electric Paint 10ml" to paint over the break which fixed the problem.

2. The Floppy disk did not work (model D357B). The drive belt was unsurprisingly broken! I've seen various suggested replacements, but I used a 70mm diameter belt - it looked totally different, as it was square rather than a strip, but it seems to work perfectly!

Maybe someone else will have the same problem, and this info may help them?