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By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10029)

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25-01-2011, 00:49

Ahum.. according to an IP-check I just did, they probably are.. Tongue An alternative would be that marlon-B is actually one of his kids - perhaps the one who claimed that a certain S3M was his.. ^_^

By Sarcasmic

Master (149)

Sarcasmic さんの画像

25-01-2011, 01:09

lol i did not even use a tool Tongue but why the hell would you give away your source code lol
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10029)

wolf_ さんの画像

25-01-2011, 01:28

I only followed this thread with half an eye, tens of people make a new account every week, and we don't check on everyone's IP. Because of the latter, checking IP's isn't our daily routine. Perhaps we could've done so before. Then again, how hilarious can things be! marlon-B knowing everything about RyJuZo, marlon-B complimenting and defending RyJuZo, marlon-B *having* RyJuZo's tools while RyJuZo once wanted beta testers to sign an NDA.

RyJuZo: seriously: you don't need to create a marlon-B sockpuppet if you need someone from the scene giving you a compliment. Just finish that bloody Knightmare III, and the acknowledgments will come your way.

I'll repeat what I once told you in Bussum: I don't care whether you brag your enterprise all the way to Mars and beyond, but by doing so you'll have to deliver. 'Big time' deliver in your particular case.. or else you'll see others labeling you a balloon o' hot air. Hannibal

By Vampier

Prophet (2402)

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25-01-2011, 07:22


good to know you're part of the openmsx-team. I have a question for you.
Can you tell me what the possible reason could be that ryjuzo's software only works with older
versions of openmsx?

I tried it with the latest release and got connection errors.

part of the communication protocol changed (related to TcL) when you look @ the source code changes of catapult you probably can see it.

Try a new version I recently compiled @

By Manuel

Ascended (19053)

Manuel さんの画像

25-01-2011, 20:19

If you can give me some details on which errors they are, I can help you to convert to the latest openMSX!


Enlighted (6889)

ARTRAG さんの画像

25-01-2011, 21:17

marlon-B=RyJuZo !! This is a true coup de théâtre!!
I was thinking the same from the very beginning.

I hope really you will finally release some tool/game/source/video/anything
Welcome back RyJuZo!

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5620)

JohnHassink さんの画像

25-01-2011, 23:15

Yes, please finish Knightmare III and your tools!
You can be sure to receive immense, well deserved acclaim then!

By Sarcasmic

Master (149)

Sarcasmic さんの画像

26-01-2011, 00:08

can i have my poisonic acount back admin? then i dont have to use this acount lol
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By ro

Scribe (4810)

ro さんの画像

26-01-2011, 08:44

can I have my GuyveR800 account enabled again?

By evulopah

Paladin (669)

evulopah さんの画像

26-01-2011, 11:35

@ro & Sarcasmic: LOL! Tongue

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