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Konami have announced an update of Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater called Metal Gear 3: Subsistence for Playstation 2. Apart from an online mode and new camera angles, the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake will be included on the discs as well, as can bee seen on a picture right here.

On the E3 Expo, Konami is also to announce the newest member of the Metal Gear saga, Metal Gear 4.

Relevant link: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence preview

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By Grauw

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18-05-2005, 12:58

o.O !!

Shit, now I’ve gotta buy it again!

By BiFi

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18-05-2005, 12:59

that's commerce for ya Smile

By ro

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18-05-2005, 13:21

funny: Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 for PlayStation 3

nice news btw.

By cax

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18-05-2005, 13:39

So, now both MG and MG2 will be officially translated to english ?

By The_Engineer

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18-05-2005, 13:54

Unfortunately someone at Konami changed the gfx for the faces in Metal Gear 2 to the style used in the Metal Gear Solid games. Sad, because I liked Sean Connery as 'Big Boss'.

By adrcunha

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18-05-2005, 15:41

The_Engineer: I agree with you. I like Sean 'Big Boss' Connery too.

But the best thing I think is that finally Konami admitted to all the world that MG series was born for MSX, and not any other console or videogame. Big smile

By snout

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18-05-2005, 15:54

They 'admitted' that many, many, many, many times before. Hideo Kojima regularly mentions MSX and the MSX versions of Metal Gear in interviews and lectures, even the MGS1 gameguide contained quite some information and screenshots of the MSX versions... it's cool nonetheless, tho Wink

By Samor

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18-05-2005, 17:21

>Shit, now I’ve gotta buy it again!

don't worry, me too.
that's THE opportunity for me to have all MG's original, even if not the original incarnations.

By Manuel

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18-05-2005, 18:25

Hey, does this mean:
1) devaluation of original MG and MG2 cartridges? Or maybe an increase of their value?
2) the use an emulator of the original cartridges? If so, we could play the retranslated versions on MSX Tongue

By snout

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18-05-2005, 18:46

1 - I think an increase. 'The real thing' never goes out of fashion, does it? Smile
2 - I think it are remakes, especially considering the new GFX in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (which is quite a shame indeed)

By adrcunha

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18-05-2005, 20:33

Snout, you're right, Konami never hide the origin of MG. But I hate when magazines or websites states that "MG series originated on NES/PC/Amiga/whatever". Now they can't write these lies anymore. Big smile

By adrcunha

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18-05-2005, 20:35

Just wondering... Maybe a patch on original MG1/MG2 ROMs, based on 'new' MG1/MG2 versions, would be worh?

By adrcunha

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18-05-2005, 20:40

(last post - for a while - I promess!)
Snout, reading my first post again I think I used the wrong word: it's not 'admitted', but 'announced'.

By Omega

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18-05-2005, 20:42

This is great news.

I was just wondering: will Konami retranslate MG so it is actually good English ;-)

About emulator use: Probably they will do the same as with the Konami MSX Antiques collection, removing MSX BIOS calls from the roms so they dont have to emulate a full MSX and thus dont have to pay huge licensing fees for the BIOS?

By jalu

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18-05-2005, 20:47

It may still very well be using an emulator. It could be feasible that Konami, still having the original cource code of the MSX Metal Gear's no doubt, have just translated them and replaced the graphics of the faces but kept the original code intact. It would undoubtedly be very cool to play these versions on a real MSX. Smile

By snout

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18-05-2005, 20:57

It could also be running a mobile phone emulator, emulating the MG1 and MG2 released for mobile phones last year.

By BiFi

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18-05-2005, 21:31

with other faces than the ones we know and love Smile

By BraK

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18-05-2005, 22:28


so coooool !!