Wanted: Double Sided External Disk Drive

By Gorgane

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29-08-2005, 21:40

I'am looking for a double sided external disk drive for my Philips VG-8035. As usually is the case with these machines the internal drive is broken and it's pretty useless anyway as it is a single sided 360kb drive. Replacing the drive also seems pretty impossible for my skills, so i think that it's just easier to get an external one to do the job.

Any kind of drive is good as long as it works with my machine without problems. Can't pay much for it due to my small budget.


By MSXHinter

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29-08-2005, 21:57

Look around at ebay for a transplant machine or a drive (mostly being sold with another msx) or contact Bas Kornalijnslijper for a repair

By Haohmaru

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30-08-2005, 16:29

I just recieved one in the mail today!

A www.funet.fi/pub/msx/photos/hardware/Panasonic_FS-FD1A_1.jpg
Panasonic FS-FD1a :D

Kudos to rklok and Bas

(note: picture from that Finnish FTP site ;))

By Gorgane

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30-08-2005, 20:46

Damn! That looks nice! I wish i could have something like that, now i just have to rely on modules and tapes.