A little video superimpose experience :)

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By igal

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11-11-2013, 13:52

For make some tests, you can use this configuration making by Mars2000 => http://www.msxvillage.fr/upload/msx2_8280f.zip
unzip this file in the directory => C:\Program Files\blueMSX\Machines\
With this configuration, you can use the software "Magic Camera" like a vidéo player.
You can find Magic Camera here => http://www.shiningmorning.com/

First example, Metal Gear 2 it's very simple for Superimpose because the Black color of BackGround it's in color "Zéro".
You need to add SET VIDEO 2,0,0 before loading your [.dsk] game.
F1 spirit work fine with this vidéo => http://youtu.be/G3PcHBFsjxg

The second example with R-Type have a big problème because all black color are in color "One" and not color "Zéro".
Nb: In all game in cartridge, you need change the settings directly in the Debbuger like this:
Change the Register 9 => Value 12 (gives translucent the background)
Change the Register 7 => Value 00 (gives translucent the borders)

The ultime solution it's replace with HexEditor all [Color 1] présent in the cartridge by [Color 0].
(If you know how setting need change for that ?)

After that, it's possible to use this filter => http://youtu.be/Jzo5gMVjXyw
An other example normally possible http://youtu.be/4z3FkuvZB3g

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