Playing music on my MSX2

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By Guts

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17-06-2014, 22:10

Hi I like to drink beer Wink and listing to chip tune's on my home computers (ZX Spectrum,C64), I want the same but on my MSX2. Becase I hear great tunes in the MSX Music Player on this site, but I understand they are many ways to do this. And are also a way to listing riped tunes from games? And I want to know what do I need to do this?

I have a Philips NMS 8255 with 256kb memory and Stereo Pak.




Paladin (860)

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18-06-2014, 08:50

Maybe you can start listening to mgsel (.MGS) files, you can find a lot of them in my mega music pack (see website).


By TheSpecialist

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18-06-2014, 12:22

Yawara is a player for ripped game tunes on MSX.

But indeed, there are *many* ways. FM-BASIC music is great too, there are thousands of songs available.

By JohnHassink

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18-06-2014, 14:57

By Guts

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22-06-2014, 00:14

Thanks for the info, I will look in to this.

By Guts

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30-06-2014, 21:38

Can I use a OPL4 shockwave (Moonsound clone) to play those FM-PAC music files?
And are there also alot songs made for Moonsound?
I understand you can also play MOD file's but do you realy need a Turbo R for this?

By Grauw

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30-06-2014, 21:51

As far as I’m aware, there is no easy way to play FM-PAC music files on OPL4. Mimicking FM-PAC (MSX-MUSIC) is technically difficult because the register layout isn’t compatible and the settings for the preset voices aren’t 100% known. Although there are some approximations, so theoretically you could probably do it, I’m not aware of any software that does this currently.

However, I think you can import MoonBlaster 1.4 songs into MoonBlaster FM, probably you need to manually set the instruments though so I’m not sure how useful that is… I think I read that MS2 will also support importing the instruments, though I’m not sure whether that is currently already functional and available.

MSX-AUDIO is pretty easy though (the FM part at least), as OPL4 is backwards compatible with it. On a Sunrise MoonSound you can change some jumper and it will operate on MSX-AUDIO I/O ports, I don’t know if the Shockwave has this as well.

To play MOD files on MoonSound I think you can use NOP’s MOD player. It doesn’t need turbo R. See here:

By Grauw

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30-06-2014, 22:15

Actually, maybe you could use MSX-AUDIO BIOS 1.3… I don’t know the mapper type, but maybe you can load it in a flash cartridge. It emulates the MSX-MUSIC BIOS on MSX-Audio and OPL4. Software which uses the FM-BIOS for playing back music (note, not all software does) will probably work on OPL4.

By l_oliveira

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01-07-2014, 02:36

Shockwave has no jumper to switch the I/O address.

By gasparrini

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01-07-2014, 14:29

Hello Guts,

After a great battle on the forum here I am ...... ;-)
I feel compelled to help in some way ....

You could use the MOONBLASTER, for listen the files in format .MBM for FM-PAC.
Or you could use the Replayer PT3, which are of the files in format .PT3 and use internal chip PSG.

I hope I have been of help
Good Fun.....

By Guts

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12-07-2014, 20:35

Thanks for the info.

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