Possible MSX Kickstart Project ?

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By ivke2006

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12-02-2016, 12:20

btw. If you really don't want to use a FPGA chip, why not use a eZ80? 50Mhz CPU cost approx. 5-6 euro's.

and indeed, it should be ready made..at least as a option.

By zPasi

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12-02-2016, 13:03

How many of these 'new MSX' threads are here right now? Big smile

ivke2006 wrote:

I think your right, perhaps there are even three types.
1. Those who don't care about new MSX
2a. Those that want a new MSX but with more or less old specs (slightly faster Z80, V9990, etc..)
2b. Those also want a new MSX but with recent and more capable hardware. With the aim to extend the MSX scene with new users.

I think there are even five types. 2a and 2b both are divided by that if the new MSX should be built the old skool, or with FPGAs and other modern things.

I bet many don't realise how expensive the old skool way is. The high-end MSX models didn't come cheap in their time, and it also isn't cheap to recreate them with discrete parts that many aren't mass-produced anymore. I guess you can't go much under Gr8bit price with that approach. The price will be even higher when you want something like turbo R and V9990.

Well, maybe it would help if people would just describe what they really want and why. Is Zemmix Neo good enough, if not then why not? The same question about turbo R. And if FPGA is bad, why? Is it the matter of principal, or about the imperfection on the way some features are implemented in the current FPGA implementations?

By zPasi

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12-02-2016, 14:51

Sorry off topic, but speaking about rocket science: I think this is cool

Guess what it is. A CP/M computer!

I few more parts and breadboards and wire, and you'll have an MSX :P

But seriously, I think that guy is a genius! His home page
He does FPGA too. Like this one

Edit: This is even more cool :)

By ivke2006

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12-02-2016, 15:42

Maybe we can hire him with the kickstarter cash. Wink

By RetroTechie

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12-02-2016, 19:20

Grant Searle. Possibly the #1 ZX80 (and ZX81, too) expert on this planet. Nishi His site is well worth a look! Going by photos alone, you can often recognize his work by the amount of breadboards + colored wiring involved.

Gave him some pointers on CPLD/FPGA stuff a while ago, and off he went... Either he's a genius indeed, or he's got waaayyy too much free time on his hands. Or both. LOL!

Shows that if you want, you really can build computers from scratch - on your own. All it takes is to learn, and dedication. And the great thing about crowdfunding is that it separates the [people with skills to do it] from [people with the necessary cash]. So there's more chances to get something done.

By lezanderson

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22-02-2016, 13:21

The problem with any Crowd-funding is that you'll need a fully working prototype as proof of concept.. otherwise it just looks like a scam and doesn't satisfy Crowd-funding rules. It's the chicken and egg problem..!

** What is really needed is to talk a proficient electronics Engineer (or competent hobbyist) to design a prototype to 'Show - off' . This would only cost a bare minimum price of components, ICs etc.. Easier said than done ! Then a Crowdfunding project could be undertaken. Also the problem of What specification to settle/agree on ?

All 'Pie-in-The-Sky' until it becomes a reality !

By tvalenca

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22-02-2016, 17:12

ivke2006 wrote:

btw. If you really don't want to use a FPGA chip, why not use a eZ80? 50Mhz CPU cost approx. 5-6 euro's.

and indeed, it should be ready made..at least as a option.

Where did you find eZ80's to sell?

By erpirao

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22-02-2016, 19:18

Wy not z180 @30mhz? ?
Z180 is full z80 compatible?

By Grauw

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22-02-2016, 19:38


Z180 doesn’t support the ixl / ixh undocumented instructions.

eZ80 is meant for embedded systems and reserves a block of I/O space for internal functions.

So neither are good candidates. Z80 at 20 MHz or FPGA Z80 is IMO the best choice.

By raymond

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22-02-2016, 20:14

Does anyone know what the progress is of this kickstarter project?

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