Got a JVC hc-7e worked at first but now refueso to power on

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By Sebastian Blanco

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20-11-2016, 20:57

Replace all the ram ICs continue to pass the ram diagnostics but the problem continues whitout the megaflash sd inserted the computer don´t start.
Purchashed also a logic probe so i can continue testing


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20-11-2016, 21:42

Alexey wrote:

I see base RAM in slot 1.2. Is it even possible?

Yes, this is normal... SD-card interface in an slot expander at the same time, so this is the RAM from the interface.

The problem is now that it does not see the internal RAM at all... Is that fault of the program or machine? I don't know since I don't know this test... Many programs only test the "active" RAM that is now external from the cartridge.

By Alexey

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26-11-2016, 12:24

Check the cartridge slots for bent/shorted pins. Also check the board for possible short circuits.

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