The rare Konami game thread

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By ro

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14-07-2006, 19:38

.... or something.

Well, as MSX fanatics we're all big fan of Konami games, not?! Sure as hell I am!
I thought I had now seen all Konami games or at least heard of... but then I found this funny one:
it's a time attack on a konami game called Wai Wai World, by Konami 1988 on Nintendo platform.
check the vid and scan through those 35 minutes of fun...

is it Vampire Killer? Is it the Goonies? or wait, can it be Kingkong ? Twinbee perhaps?
it's all there! the player can choose between various characters (which he/she has to set free at first). Each character comes with it's own musical tune, and even some familiar gfx here and there... now wait a darn minute... isn't that.. jup, it's simon belt and more Konami friends.

Have fun, I know I did.:evil:


By flyguille

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14-07-2006, 21:27

WOW what a game!!! is that on msx???

By MSXHinter

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14-07-2006, 22:00

Sorry to disappoint you both, it Famicon

By meits

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15-07-2006, 02:08

what's the difference between famicom and nintendo?

By Patsie

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15-07-2006, 08:17

nintendo is the maker of the famicom (like sony is maker of the playstation, and microsoft is maker of the xbox)

By Oscar

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15-07-2006, 12:02

Hello MeitsNearDark,

Famicom (Family Computer) is the name of the 8 bit Nintendo console for japanese market and NES (Nintendo Entertaiment System) is the name of this system for Europe and America. Is the same system with the typical design differences for each market. As Patsie said, Nintendo is the maker.


By ro

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15-07-2006, 13:06

oh yeah, I forget to mention Samurai (goemon), also featured in this game!

By [D-Tail]

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17-07-2006, 14:32

Contra/Gryzor is there also (see the final boss) and I even sensed some Metal Gear flavour at the very end, when the main character has to get to his ship while there's some emergency counter counting down Wink

By japancollector

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13-08-2006, 01:46

i have a famicom and konami wai wai world(not perfect condition(description,box,cardgridge)its a great game havent finish it yet .

i have also konami wai wai world 2 (box.vigleybag?,cardgridge,discription,registercard ect mint ).This game is one of the best famicom games .

have also this game also mint:.before end boss is from parodius:

. and more games from konami for famicom.Famicom was the first released in 1983 .The others from 1985 are just bad breadtoasters

konami start releasing old games for mobile fone

or on japan mobile .Follow konami mobile line closely

they have made twinbee rpg for it

they have released dracula and penwing adventures for it

Nicol and konami wai wai world

They have started releasing the famicom(japan nes) games.And msx games on telephone ports .What next superfamicom genesis(megadrive)?

By poke-1,170

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13-08-2006, 03:03


Apart from the huge design difference, the famicom (for sure the prettiest of the 2)
also has a microphone built in one of the controllers, which enables you to shout some
stuff and hear it on rumoured, some games used speech recognition (zelda)
but I am not sure.


By hap

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13-08-2006, 11:58

That microphone is just a 1 bit level detector, not a speech recognizer or being able to hear yourself on tv. Very few games used it, most notably indeed the Japanese Zelda, where you can kill the 'Pols Voice' enemies if you shout into it.

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