Tokamoka MSX Collection

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By MP83

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27-11-2017, 07:30


I think they should be published, but I would maybe categorize similar ones under same menu item that would bring you to screen that has little description of each variant you can select.

Hey, not a bad idea. I'll do that.

By MP83

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10-12-2017, 22:40

This is so cool! My dad's program listings back in the day were sometimes accompanied with drawings, by the Finnish cartoonist Wallu. I managed to get a hold of this guy and ask him, if he would be willing to make the cover art for this upcoming collection. He said yes! Smile

Here's the said cover art (floppy disk mockup by me):

By Tolvatar

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10-12-2017, 23:32


By Avkooi

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10-12-2017, 23:56

Very nice indeed! I love getting those collections! The ANMA one from Marta just arrived, also very beautiful!


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10-12-2017, 23:59

The character on the picture is from a cartoon called "Mikrokivikausi" (Micro stone age) and he has been appearing in comic books as well as on all major computer magazines in Finland since 80's... Inluding MikroBitti, Pelit-magazine and Skrolli.

By Grauw

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11-12-2017, 00:02

Oh, that’s awesome!

I always wonder where people get that beautiful cover art for their game releases Smile.

p.s. Sad to hear about your dad’s Parkinson’s… My dad is going through the same thing, it’s tough!

By hamlet

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11-12-2017, 00:10

Nice idea. This cover, and your fathers legacy, will give this collection the attention it deserves.

By santiontanon

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12-12-2017, 03:45

Woah! really really cool!!!!

By spl

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12-12-2017, 16:32

Outstanding! :-)

By Samor

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12-12-2017, 16:38

very nice Hannibal

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