Rare games from Zemina

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By Huey

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26-03-2011, 07:55

I have met the developer of these Zemina games in several times when I visited their office around 1988ish. There were two employees and one manager in Zemina's office. One guy took care of Zemina's hardware such as memory extension carts and system upgrading carts (msx into msx2). Another guy was pirating Japanese games and developing their own games at the same time. What i remembered is that only one guy developed every game. I was shocked because he didn't use Z80 mnemonic at all. He was always entering some hex codes directly. I don't know why he did so.

Haha, Really. That is very nice info!!

By janghang

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26-03-2011, 17:07

Thank you for a great pic!

the rightmost guy was the programmer of all Zemina games, and the next to him is the hardware guy who developed all Zemina hardware products. The guy who stands next is the owner of Zemina. I had never met the last thin guy (left end) at that time.

These guys (I'm guessing the three on the right)?


By SLotman

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04-08-2011, 23:18

Cyborg Z was found! Guess where to get it...? Cool

By JohnHassink

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05-08-2011, 00:57

...in Korea or through eBay? Hannibal Wink

By SLotman

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05-08-2011, 18:57

...or maybe on Mercado Livre in Brazil Tongue

By cidra

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05-08-2011, 22:39

Or maybe somewhere else, but since the policy of MRC doesn't allow links to roms, you won't get it (unless you're really, really, really, i mean, really smart)...

By SLotman

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05-08-2011, 23:48

Ouch! Now you guys confused me, and not even I know where to get it...! Maybe Google can help me out! LOL!

By derboo

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04-02-2012, 13:22

If you had the chance to talk to a former Zemina programmer, what would you ask?

By hap

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04-02-2012, 15:02

dunno, i'd just chitchat, ok here's one... =p

"which one of SNSD is your favourite?"

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