Getting Manbow 2 to work on Carnivore 2

By Cultstorm

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01-06-2019, 03:40

Hello again,

I'm slowly learning more and more about the msx, but I've been unable to get Manbow 2 to work on my FS-A1 with a Carnivore 2.

The game boots, but it appears like the vertical hold is off. The image of the game is just flipping over and over.

I'm sure there is some setting I need to toggle on the Carnivore 2 or in sofarun. Does anyone have any advice for this?


By Jorito

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01-06-2019, 16:50

Maybe the MSX (or the game) is set to 50 hertz. Try the menus to see if there's a toggle to switch between 50hz (European) or 60hz (Japan/US' you want 60hz probably) in either Sofarun or in Manbow 2 itself.

By zPasi

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01-06-2019, 19:06

My MSX and TV are 50 Hz and I don't have that problem. But I have another, seems that the games save system hangs. I have GR8NET. If there is a setting in GR8NET or Sofarun to make it work, I haven't found it.

By Manuel

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01-06-2019, 22:21

The real Manbow 2 cart has a flash ROM aboard. I'm not sure if that part is actually emulated by Carnivore/GR8NET.

By Pentarou

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01-06-2019, 23:15

Zpasi: There's a patch to disable saving, it was discussed in this thread:

By zPasi

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02-06-2019, 19:38

Thanks! Though I have no idea how to convert that info to an IPS patch or something, but fetched a hex editor and it's a piece of cake with that.

By zPasi

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05-06-2019, 18:31

Even the patched version doesn't work with SofaRun. Same thing with Salamander Enhanced.

With GR8NET own commands (_NETBROWSE etc) they both do work. Curious.

By Louthrax

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05-06-2019, 20:06

Hi zPasi,

Try to enable the "Disable disk driver" in the ROM options ?

By zPasi

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07-06-2019, 17:58

Louthrax wrote:

Try to enable the "Disable disk driver" in the ROM options ?

Didn't help.

I think I know now why the Manbow2 doesn't work on SofaRun: it is slightly larger than 512 K (with those game save slots I guess). When in composite mapper mode the maximum is 512 K. Without composite mode there is no Nextor, so no SofaRun either.

But what bothers the Salamander enhanced, don't get it.