Nemesis level 1 remix

By Robosoft

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06-07-2019, 13:51

A nice NEMESIS remix from Anders Hesselblom at the C=64 remix site Remix.Kwed.Org


By Robosoft

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27-07-2019, 16:25

And another one.

By alexito

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27-07-2019, 18:04

Thanks for the links.

I like more Peter Clarke - Nemesis - The Arrival (1st Wave)

Perfect for a game intro remake.


Link: Clarke - Nemesis - The Arrival (1st Wave).mp3

By Pac

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27-07-2019, 19:46

Thank you for the links. I invite you to add your MSX music findings in this forum thread. BTW I added a new one there from that site. ;)

By ToriHino

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28-07-2019, 07:50

Nice find, and than to think you could not even have both SFX and music at the same time on the C64 version.