[WTS] A couple of games and one MSX Machine

By Underscore

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22-02-2020, 12:51


I have a few items that I would like to sell:

Software:(see note!!)
> Game disks of Galaxy Hero Legend 1 (Jp version), only floppy disks, no box or manual:
> Game cartridge of The Castle (Jap version), Boxed, but without manual:
> Game Triton, cartridge version (Jp version), Boxed, but no manual. Also japanese version:

MSX Machine:
> MSX Pioneer PX-V7, in full working order and with keyboard and cables. The Up, Left and Right cursor keys do not work. I restored the machine to full working order. Sorry but right now I don't have the time to fix the arrow keys.

Other machines that I am restoring & fixing:
> MSX National/Panasonic FS-1300, this one still it doesn't work well. Silver and Black colour.
> MSX National/Panasonic CF-1200, it works, but needs cleaning and fixing a pair of things. Black colour.
> MSX2 National/Panasonic FS-4500, full working order.Only needs some minor tweaks. Ivory and black colour.

These ones I don't plant to sell them right now, unless someone is absolutely interested and can restore them successfully. The FS-4500 I will sell before restoring only to someone with experience restoring.

All of them are 100volts, Japanese MSX.

Pls, send me a PM if you are interested.

About the games, they are currently in my wife's parents' house, so technically I don't have it with me right now, although they already gave them to me. If you are interested, I will ask them to take a few photos.