Replacement for transistor in PSU

By Underscore

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25-02-2020, 07:38


I have a dead PSU on a FS-1300 machine. I found that the culprit was a transistor, specifically a "2SA1061" . Data sheet here:

Photo of the unit:

Does anyone know a replacement transistor, even if it is other brand and/or model, that I could use to replace this one?
I found this same one on eBay, but they are like 10USD each unit. ;(

I am sure there is some cheaper alternative! Any idea?



By gdx

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25-02-2020, 09:34

By Underscore

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03-03-2020, 05:47

I ended up buying this one. I bought two units. Now just wait 1 to 3 months ;(