Who influenced your MSX life

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By sfranck72

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07-04-2020, 16:26

  • My dad for buying me a Canon V20, K7 reader and peritel even if it was martian technology for him...and for me.
  • H.E.R.O the first game I bought and play again and again and again......
  • Micro MSX : A french magazine who was my bible that I read again and again and ....
  • Spain frontier stores in 1989 where I could still find MSX K7 games long time after the computer blast.
  • BlueMSX that back me to MSX long time after, a good suprise on the net to play games that I never could buy before (Konami mostly).
  • José Vila Cuadrillero for his Karoshi tutorials and assembly listing (Jumping G) which bring me to my first game code on MSX. A huge source of satisfaction and I must say GRACIAS to him !
  • The guy behind the MegaFlashRom (I think it's Manuel Pazos) which made MSX life easy on real material.
  • Eric Boez which I don't know but his Fusion-C development revives me pleasure for coding a new game (in progress) for the community in 2020.
  • V9938-programmers-guide version from Eugeny Brychkov.
  • MSX forums in general , Grauw - MSX Assembly Page, Konamiman source pages for priceless ressources.
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