Castools 1.3 - Convert CAS to WAV on AX-200

By Shinobi

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28-09-2020, 02:46

Hi ..

I am making a project of converting games from ROMs and CAS to WAV to post them on my blog:

These WAVs will work on MSX AX-200, AX-150 and Victor HC-80, the common thing between those is that memory is fragmented between slot 0-0 and slot 0-2. I succeeded in converting hundreds of ROMs using a special patched version of Caslink3 made by -and thanks to- Alexey. I converted all File-Hunter MSX1 ROM 32K and below ROMs and tested them.
Conveted AlAlamiah, Barq, Mithali Arabic educational ROMs after patching most of them.
And converted 200+ ROMs and still converting ROMs sent to me by -and thanks to- Manel (a member and programmer from this forum).

Now after this introduction, I want now to convert CAS games, I think Castools 1.3 is the best for the job, isn't it??

Also, does castools have problems with MSXes with fragmented memory like my AX-200??? Or it doesn't matter because it depends on the Cassette loader itself??

These are the questions that I have before I start converting and testing process..

Thank you ..


By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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28-09-2020, 15:51

Hi Shinobi, as You can read in Wiki page , CAS format is not a complicate thing.