Several msx related items on marktplaats

By TheKid

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13-01-2021, 19:21


I've got several msx related items for sale on marktplaats.

Philips magazines

Operation wolf cart

MCCM cds


By TheKid

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14-01-2021, 17:47

added 2 more msx related items

dutch magazines

Record of Lodos wars

By Stt1

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14-01-2021, 22:57

The links do not work unless you are logged in...

By TheKid

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15-01-2021, 08:16

hmm, stupid marktplaats. Thanx for the hint, here are the correct links:

REcord of Lodoss wars

several dutch msx magazines

the mccm cd that came with mccm 90

operation wolf cart