Navitune-the Dragon Voyage - English translation

Navitune-the Dragon Voyage - English translation

by ro on 27-04-2021, 10:30
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The original Japanese Role Playing Game Navitune-the Dragon Voyage has been translated to English language. The patch to update the original edition is now free for download.

Who unleashed Django, the Frenchman that delivers yet another MSX game translation? Unshackled and unchained, this mad individual shows no mercy; delivering a continues stream of good quality game translations for our beloved machine. Running free, and perhaps naked in a field of flowers, Django leaves his marks for every-one to see. Today we got word the translator-oholic struck again.

The game NAVITUNE-The dragon voyage is an original Japanese RPG with all the bells and whistles we've seen before in such games. Developed by Kogado Studio in 1990, this MSX2 dedicated game came on 2 disks and features PSG sounds and screen7 graphics. All in the style of Xak and Ys, colorful and full of characters. This adventure is now available in full English language. A job well done, thanx to the work of Django.

According to Django, it was a huge job turning this RPG into a playable game for everyone. He started working on the title back in 2013 already. "Worthy every minute I spend on it", he says. "It is a very exciting game". Well, there's only one way to see if that is the case...

Let's play Navitune.

relevant link: Download the patch at Django's
relevant link: In game Video footage of the English edition

コメント (8)

By black hawk

Expert (111)

black hawk さんの画像

27-04-2021, 11:26

Looks nice. Thanks Django.

By Zandig Slaytanic

Resident (42)

Zandig Slaytanic さんの画像

27-04-2021, 14:03

Thank you Django for supporting English translations of these games. I know the RPGs require a lot of work. It's great to be able to play these games (especially the RPGs) so many years after they were released and be able to at least understand what is going on while playing them.


By DrWh0

Paladin (834)

DrWh0 さんの画像

27-04-2021, 16:48

Thank you very much Django!

I have enjoyed being a tester of this project and Django is fast as lightning solving bugs.

I hope that Django retakes "Murder in Missisipi" project that was stopped to start this one Smile

This game is a hidden gem in spite of its weird scroll Smile

By Pippo

Champion (510)

Pippo さんの画像

27-04-2021, 20:47

Excellent translation as usual, Django! Big smile Big smile
Thanks really a lot for the extras too! Big smile

By Manuel

Ascended (18253)

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27-04-2021, 22:57

Thanks for the translation work! I hope someone will also tweak the game engine a bit to make it a bit smoother...

By Udderdude

Supporter (8)

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28-04-2021, 01:55

Great work!

By DaikuMaryuGaiking

Expert (125)

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28-04-2021, 03:45

GREAT!!! I've seen in this period the lives of Nanako, an japanese girl user MSX, with this game!

By Gloriou

Master (204)

Gloriou さんの画像

07-05-2021, 19:59

Thank you for your dedication!
we can't thank you enough Django! Big smile