[WTB] MegaFlashROM SCC (the original version released by Manuel Pazos)

By sdsnatcher73

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07-05-2021, 05:26

I am looking for the original version of the MegaFlashROM SCC like in the picture below. When it was released I was in MSX hibernation (I know, my bad) but I want to play with it and see what I missed out on Wink

If anyone has one and is willing to part with it please get in touch via e-mail. The address is on my profile page.


By djh1697

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07-05-2021, 21:51

I used to have one of these, mine had no button on top?

By sdsnatcher73

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08-05-2021, 04:50

I guess the button is to disable the flash, maybe you had the MFR SCC+ (which included a way to bypass the ROM by pressing a key). Or there were already some revisions in the MFR SCC variant?

By SjaaQ

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08-05-2021, 18:39

I have one (not for sale though). The button on the top is indeed for bypassing anything present in the flash memory. Mine is red Smile

You have not missed out on much with this cartridge. The most interesting thing about it is that it has a real SCC chip, one of the last ones around as I understand. Since it does not have any PSG the input is send to the MSX like a real Konami did. Other than that the software is not updated anymore, does not have a sound out and it only has 4mbit flash memory. Makes me wonder why I bought one at the time, I already had a modified salamander as well.

It is still great to play MGS or any other rom and pretend you have the real thing.