Second round for Ghost and Prisoner of War

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By Samy83

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21-10-2021, 21:28

I'm interested in Ghost but I'm not on Twitter...

By Bas040

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23-10-2021, 22:01

Same here!

By foody

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24-10-2021, 04:14

Me! ME ME! I want to be added too! Want me to post my email address?

By M-A-D-M-A-X

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29-12-2021, 20:00


By tono4

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09-01-2022, 19:20

Francisco Tellez de Meneses wrote:

Concerning digital editions. They will come a bit later, in 2022 most probably.

Please, post here when digital versions are available. I would like to purchase both of them.
I love absolutely your games!

By Gig71

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09-01-2022, 20:26

Me Too Thanks

By M-A-D-M-A-X

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09-01-2022, 20:46

Prisoner of war ordered Cool

I already have Ghost game (Matra's version), very very good game.

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