Want to buy Panasonic turbo r or 2+ keyboard or membrane

By ivanovic

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23-10-2021, 21:25

Hi all!
I’m looking for a spare turbo r or Panasonic 2+ keyboard or alternatively a membrane to replace my own which is not working 100% right

Let me know if you have one for sell or know where to get one


By fpracek

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23-10-2021, 21:55

I’m waiting 2 msx turbo FS-A1ST from Japan.
If you want you can write to me at my email address (see my account).

By sdsnatcher73

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24-10-2021, 08:28

Alternatively you can get new membranes from Paulo, check this thread. If more people are interested you could setup a group buy and save some shipping. A third option is go the PCB route like Sourcerer is doing for the Sony machines in this thread. That will require some work to be done but could turn out to be a good alternative for the community to get cheaper replacements.

By ivanovic

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24-10-2021, 18:56

Thanks a lot sdsnatcher I will check