Cleaning Keyboard Panasonic FS-A1mk2 / FS-A1F / FS-A1FM

By sdsnatcher73

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15-11-2021, 12:41

This time a step by step instruction of how to clean and fix a common issue with the keyboard used in the Panasonic FS-A1mk2, the FS-A1F and the FS-A1FM. On this specific keyboard all keys were working but the left shift key would not stay “pressed”. I’ve seen similar issues with CAPS, GRAPH and KANA key. I will explain what I think causes this and how I fix it.

1. Start by unscrewing the four screws on the corners and lift the top from the machine (you can easily ‘fold’ it to the back of the machine, then you don’t have to disconnect any wires). Then unscrew the two screws holding down the keyboard, disconnect the keyboard (flip it to the right first). At this point you have the keyboard out of the machine:

2. Flip over the keyboard to reveal the clips securing the bottom plate to the top plate:

3. Gently unclip the clips and slightly push the clips through the holes, repeat for each clip and ensure you don’t miss one. The bottom plate should let go easily and you have exposed the membrane:

4. Lift the membrane from the top plate and clean it with a damp cloth. Underneath you will find a spongy layer which sits in between the key caps and the membrane. You can remove it, blow away any dust underneath it and place it back:

5. The spongy layer is the cause some keys don’t work as well as they used to. The continued use over time has likely affected its thickness and thus the ability to activate the key inside the membrane. Locate the specific spot on the membrane of the key that has issues and put 2 pieces of regular tape on the underside of the membrane. This way the membrane is slightly thicker in this spot, compensating for the thinner sponge:

6. Put everything back together and wipe the keycaps. If they are very dirty it is possible to lift them from the keyboard with a regulare dinnerknife.

In the end you should have a very nicely working keyboard again.


By gdx

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15-11-2021, 13:42

Be careful with the choice of tape because many do not age well (the adhesive face can become slimy more or less quickly or turn yellow, hard and no more adherent on the tape side, thus worsening the problem thereafter).

By sdsnatcher73

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15-11-2021, 13:58

Thanks for the tip Big smile ! What tape would be most suitable in your opinion?

By Alexey

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15-11-2021, 17:07

I would use Kapton tape. It's heat-resistant and quite sturdy.

By sdsnatcher73

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16-11-2021, 15:08

I‘ll need to order some then Wink but thanks for the info, it does look like a better option then regular tape. Of course the adhesive may still degrade over time as may the spongy layer degrade some more. So surely some repeat work may be needed in time.