Fantastic Football - MSX Cartridge

Fantastic Football - MSX Cartridge

by ro on 29-11-2021, 10:19
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The MSXdev21 game Fantastic Football is available as MSX cartridge at the Repro Factory shop. It comes fully boxed with a colorful layout. Show your best kicks.

Prepare yourself for a good match, using skills and determination, as the World Cup awaits you. Fantastic Football is a smooth scrolling, highly interactive soccer simulation game. There are teams, statistics, and two game modes. You can either gain fame in the World Cup match, or have a go at a regular one in the Quick Game mode. With 64 teams playing for the cup, it sure promises for quite the challenge and entertainment.

It was right here, on MRC, that Zoran Majcenić and Daniel Simon met and decided to join efforts and enter MSXdev21. This eventually resulted in Fantastic Football being submitted to the compo where it ranked 5th place. A wonderful achievement. Even more wonderful is the fact that the authors of the game have chosen to give his royalties to MRC as that's where it all started. Wow, that's indeed wonderful... or FANTASTIC!

The game cartridge is available at Repro Factory MSX shop and costs € 30,00 - that's a bargain. For that you'll get the physical version of the game in MSX cartridge format, completely boxed in full color.

relevant link: Fantastic Football at Repro Factory

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コメント (7)

By hamlet

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01-12-2021, 12:05

I already received the cartridge from ReproFactory. Good job guys!
Now we can't visit the stadions, football is coming home. Wink And it's fantastic!

By QBee Sam

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02-12-2021, 16:53

Have been added 2 players feature?

By mzoran

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mzoran さんの画像

02-12-2021, 18:14

This bas been available from the start,both as single Match and in the cup. Hey, if you find 32 people to play with, all matches would be human vs human.

By gdx

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03-12-2021, 01:16

By AnsiStar

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AnsiStar さんの画像

03-12-2021, 20:42

I got my copy yesterday! Now i just want to thank mzoran and defdanny !!!

By AnsiStar

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AnsiStar さんの画像

04-12-2021, 20:00

and Eric! Wink

By defdanny

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defdanny さんの画像

04-12-2021, 23:35

AnsiStar wrote:

and Eric! Wink

... And hamlet, who did the package design together with Eric. Wink