For all nerds who come to this forum and is reading this post. I wanted to thank you.

By foody

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16-12-2021, 19:47

This is for nerds who is reading this post, I want to thank you for inventing toys for the rest of us. Please be proud of who you are. I find nerds in my opinion a billion times cooler than a guy with black jacket, wearing sunglasses and riding a motorcycle with large muscles. If anything...those guys are jealous of you nerds. Even if you have your pants up to your stomach, even if your body is frail, and barely have enough muscles on those arms. Even if you wear thick glasses or talk funny. You are the one who is cool. You invent toys for we are enjoying now. Even MSX is invented by nerds. So I salute you.


By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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16-12-2021, 21:34


By syn

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16-12-2021, 23:53


By Rataplan

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17-12-2021, 08:59

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Pippo

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17-12-2021, 09:50

I kindly think the nerds want to thank all of you so much, especially Foody. Smile

By foody

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18-12-2021, 01:49

Heheh Big smile

By Samor

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18-12-2021, 09:02