New member from Spain :-)

By metalh4mster

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20-01-2022, 15:25

Hi there,

I'm a member of the retrocomputing community in Spain, very usually-used to perform some activities since 2015, coordinate some events and support the organization team of one of our eldest events in Spain, RetroMadrid.

The first time I saw a MSX computer was thanks to a schoolmate, during the mid-eighties. It was a Sony HitBit HB-20P model and he used to play (and I could just say burn) a Konami's Penguin Adventure cartridge in every visit I made to his house. We also had a government program at the time that promoted Computing Learning with the lease of computing equipment (in our case, a classroom full of MSX1 Phillips VG-8020, each one with their own copy of MSX Logo).

So I had my time with The Expandable System(tm), but we never afforded to have one at our household. With the coming years, I achieved to acquire a MSX1 Sony HB-20P (during the late 90s), later on a MSX1 Phillips VG-8020 and a MSX Logo copy out of full nostalgia (mid 2000's) and finally a MSX2 Sanyo Wavy PCH-70FD (late 2010's).

For me is like the 'Cadillac' of the MSX2+ line, even though my experience and knowledge is pretty limited by so far. I hope I may get more acquainted with the system soon during the nex MSX Users Meeting to be held in Barcelona, very soon!! Big smile

Cheers to everyone, and many regards! Wink


By santiontanon

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20-01-2022, 16:08

Welcome metalh4mster! I hope one day I can attend RetroMadrid if dates align well! Smile

By M-A-D-M-A-X

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20-01-2022, 16:56

Welcome on MRC Smile