MSXdev22 #06 Cryptogram - Anagrams Crosswords

MSXdev22 #06 Cryptogram - Anagrams Crosswords

by MSXdev Team on 24-03-2022, 16:24
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タグ: msxdev22, MSXdev

Brazilian author Amaury Carvalho send in entry number 6 already, another word puzzler to crack your brain on.

Resolve the anagram into the right word as fast as you can and with as few changes as possible. There are three word banks (namely English, Portuguese, and Spanish) with 200 word entries each.

You will find the complete story at the MSXdev original web site. If you are enjoying MSXdev, please consider donating to the contest.

Relevant link: Cryptogram - Anagrams Crosswords MSXdev official
Relevant link: Cryptogram - Anagrams Crosswords play online

コメント (6)

By Parn

Paladin (837)

Parn さんの画像

25-03-2022, 03:05

Great game. It just demands you to keep playing. I just wish there was an option to disable the music since, while nice, it can get a bit repetitive. Also, it doesn't seem fair to count an exchange when you select the same letter twice. But, all things considered, I enjoyed this game a lot. Smile

By jltursan

Prophet (2619)

jltursan さんの画像

25-03-2022, 15:33

Big bonus to the addition of different language dictionaries!

By Amaury Carvalho

Resident (37)

Amaury Carvalho さんの画像

28-03-2022, 20:54

Thanks, Parn and Jltursan, for your *words*.

I will take your suggestions into consideration in the next release of this game.


By Amaury Carvalho

Resident (37)

Amaury Carvalho さんの画像

07-04-2022, 15:30

See in this video (portuguese) a little more about the behind the scenes of the creation of the Cryptogram game.

By ro

Scribe (4964)

ro さんの画像

13-04-2022, 07:57

Update v1.1 available at
>> 1.1 Italian, French and Dutch banks added, undo (BS) and mute (M) support, and some minor bug fixes

By Xan0ri

Master (177)

Xan0ri さんの画像

03-05-2022, 21:39

This a fun game. Very addictive Big smile